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Please double-check with a team member about coverage options for your state. Some options may or may not be available. One low price covers an exam, x-rays, IV sedation, and four wisdom teeth extractions. 

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*Price is for 4 Wisdom Teeth. Call for more pricing details.

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To protect your loved ones getting their wisdom teeth out Here are

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Comparing Dentists & Oral Surgeons

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Oral Surgeons
Have Better Training

Just because some dentists limit their practices to certain specialities doesn’t mean they are properly trained to perform those procedures.

Oral Surgeons Have Hospital Access Just In Case

If something were to go wrong during an oral surgery, oral surgeons have the authority to use hospital resources.

Oral Surgeons Have The Highest Standard Of Care

Certified oral surgeons go through rigorous schooling and training to give you the highest standard of care with a total 12-14 years of training.

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